How to Do Card Tricks

Discover how to do card tricks like a professional magician!

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Simple Card Tricks

Simple card tricks are best if you are just starting out in the magic industry. There are many great magicians out there who can share great magic with you, but they all started at the beginning and so should you!

Soon enough you’ll have a full arsenal full of great card tricks that will be very impressive.

Of course, no magician is complete without their full deck of cards to explore with. You don’t need anything fancy to start out with, just make sure that there are in fact 52 of them.

Different tricks require the cards to be set up in different ways so just pay attention to the guidelines before attempting card tricks.

One of the best simple card tricks is even easy enough for children to learn. If you have never tried these tricks before you can learn from them as well:

The Concert

1.Take out all of the aces, kings, queens, and jacks.
2.You won’t need the rest of the deck at all in order to perform this trick.
3.This is a fun one because you’ll get to tell a story at the same time! Say, “The Aces went to a concert” and lay them face up on the table.
4.Then say, “The Kings went to the concert as well and talked to the Aces beforehand” and lay the kinds on top of the aces, but not so as to cover them up.
5.Then say, “The queens went to the concert and joined the others.” Lay these down in a similar fashion.
6.They say, “The Jacks went to the concert and joined the others.” Lay these down in a similar fashion.
7.Then, say, “The concert has started.” Turn the cards over so that they are face down.
8.Pick up the first stack and put it on top of the second. Keep going with this until all of the stacks are collected.
9.Next, cut the cards.
10.Then, deal the first 4 cards out face down until they are all dealt out in a similar fashion to when you started. Each row should be on top of another.
11.Your audience will be shocked and amazed when it ends up that the queens are together, the kings are together, the jacks are together, and the aces are together.

There are many simple card tricks out there just like this that seem very complicated and even a little magic! Try your best to master the easier versions before moving into the harder versions. When you’re ready there are many different resources out there that are available to you so that you can expand your magical skills.

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