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Playing Card Tricks

If you’re involved with playing card tricks at all you’d probably be interested to know the history behind it.

There have been people performing these tricks long before your time and they helped pave the way for what you’re doing today.

First, it’s important to start with where cards got their start. Many believe that it was in the orient in China (though there is some debate to that theory).

And of course, where there are cards there is gambling! Many people believe that playing card tricks were developed so that people who gambled would have a better chance of winning.

These tricks became known as card magic in Spain and France. There was mention of these tricks as early as the 1400’s!

They really started to catch on in the 16th century when directions for certain card tricks were written down. Finally, many people could start to take advantage of this fun activity.

Italian Giovanni Guiseppe Pinetti was probably the first famous magician and trickster. He traveled around and brought delight to many different people who hadn’t seen such a thing before. We owe much of the development and interest in card tricks to Pinetti.

Interest grew steadily right into the 19th century. Robert Houdin was one of the most famous playing card tricksters. He loved card tricks even as a young boy. He would wow his whole neighborhood with the things he could do!

Houdin was one of the best magic performers that has ever lived. He didn’t just stick with card magic either. He knew how to use mind reading tricks and other great stage tricks. Houdin just might be the reason that magic tricks have caught on so well.

Another one of the greats is Johann Hepomuk Hofzinser. He took straight to high society and performed to the delight of the wealthy in Italy.

Hofzinser is regarded as one of the most influential people ever to do card magic. If you know anything about card tricks at all, you know what a challenge and honor it must have been to pave the way for all who were to follow.

Playing card tricks have a long history. There have been people who were fascinated with them for centuries! While they started off as a way to gamble, they have emerged into a true force to be reckoned with. Those who love card tricks owe a lot to the early pioneers.

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