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Magic Card Tricks

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Magic card tricks are one of the best ways to stand out in a crowd. If you’ve never tried to fool your friends and family with a trick, it is quite a thrill. Learn a and you’ll be a big hit as you dazzle and amaze everyone!

One popular card trick that always amazes others is called the “Fun With Aces.” While Magicians have used this trick for years, it remains a mystery to most people. Pay close attention to the details. For it is in practicing the details that will make this magic card trick work the right way when you perform it.

    The Effect:  With a spectator's help, you are going to make four piles of cards. When this is done, you will flip over all the piles and all four Aces are there (on top).

    Pre-Preparation:  Arrange the deck of cards in advance like this:  Three Aces in the bottom and one on the top.

    Doing the Trick:  Ask a spectator to tell you when to stop putting down cards. Begin dealing cards face down on the table. Continue until your spectatorr says, "stop" or what ever. After the first pile is down, stick the card deck, still in our hand, under the table and put the bottom card on top. This gives you an Ace on the top. Repeat the above steps until you have four ples. Tap each pile once and then flip over all the piles to show an Ace on the bottom of each (Ace is now on top face up)!

    Add a little patter as you are doing the trick and you show your power over Aces...

Another one of the many magic card tricks you can try is just as simple, but has no need for pre-preperation. You can get this one ready with very little practice.

    1. Shuffle your deck of cards.
    2. Have someone in your audience select a card and commit it to memory.
    3. Then, put it back on top of the deck.
    4. Place the whole deck behind your back and flip the top card over. The face of the card should be “looking” up.
    5. Then, you put the deck back in front of you with the card on the bottom facing the audience.
    6. The card in question will be facing you.
    7. Pick the card on top and ask if it is their card.
    8. The answer will be no because their card is now facing you.
    9. Put the deck behind your back and put the top card back into the deck.
    10. Have anyone you like shuffle the cards.
    11. You know which one it is so you can easily shuffle through and choose the right one.

It is very easy to do magic card tricks once you get the hang of them. But no matter how easy they seem to you, they will puzzle and amaze your friends and family. There are many different card tricks that you can try, so be sure to learn your favorite ones. Soon, you’ll have a whole arsenal full or card tricks to try whenever the occasion suits you.

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