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How to Do Card Tricks - Discover how to do card tricks like a professional magician!

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Learn Magic Card Tricks

If you want to learn magic card tricks then you’ll definitely need to practice a few.

There is nothing worse than trying to show off your newfound card tricks if you don’t actually know how to perform it. Practice make perfect, and you’ll have fun too!

Here is one card trick that you can do right now:

1. Get two of the same cards
2. One of them goes in your pocket and the other in the deck.
3. Divide the deck into four different piles. Always remember where your card is!
4. Ask an audience member to pick 2 piles.
5. There should be two piles. One of them will have your card’s twin.
6. Allow your participant to choose a pile and get rid of one.
7. They should then put the card back in and shuffle it.
8. Say the card will be reversed in the deck.
9. You can then get the card out of your pocket to present!

Here is another so that you can learn magic card tricks:

1. Get two of the same card, it does not matter if they look the same.
2. One of the same card should go into a wallet
3. The other card should go on top of your pile
4. Divert attention and put the wallet on top of the cards.
5. When you pull it up, it is the card that the person chose!

Of course, there are literally thousands of different card tricks that are out there for you to try. If you’ve never done one before, take it slow to start if you’re an old pro then gather up all you can find in order to improve your skills.

One thing you’ll always want to make sure of is that you’re practicing your diversion techniques. These tricks will absolutely not work if you have not diverted the attention of your audience.

In fact, most magic tricks rely on trickery and deception at one point or another. You would do well to learn the art of manipulating the mind to believe what you are doing.

It’s never easy to learn magic card tricks, but it is always fun. There are so many different ones to choose from that you’re sure to find one that works well for you.

Start slow, then work up and practice your diversions. Soon, everyone will start wondering why you haven’t been doing this your whole life?

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