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Easy Card Tricks

In the beginning, learning magic card tricks can be a hard thing to do. There is much that goes into making a trick look professional, realistic, and as if anyone could do it... That is why starting out with some easy card tricks is a good idea.

Let me introduce to you an easy card trick called “The King’s Rescue”

    1. The first thing you need to do is to take out the Kings, Queens, and Jacks from a deck of cards.

    2. Put one King, one Queen, and one Jack on top of the deck (shhhh, this is a secret).

    3. This trick has a story to use as patter! Say, “There once was an apartment building, and this stack of cards represents the building.”

    4. “In each apartment there is a desirable woman. “

    5. Mention that one queen lives in the top apartment and place a queen on top of the deck of cards. (Use the 3 remaining queens you removed from the deck earlier.)

    6. Mention that one queen lives in the middle apartment and place a queen in the middle of the stack.

    7. Mention that one queen lives on the bottom floor and place a queen at the bottom.

    8. “Then, three robbers broke into the building. One went upstairs, one went in the middle, and one went to the bottom.” (Put a Jack into the appropriate spot with each of these.

    9.“The robbers made a lot of noise so the queens started screaming. “

    10.“Three policemen decided to step in.” Put a King on each floor level - just as before.

    10. “The police caught the robbers and eventually a trail was held. And the women, thieves and police officers have to attend a courtroom.”

    11. “We now need to turn this apartment building into a courthouse.” Then, you should hand your card deck to an audience member. They should cut the pack.

    12. Next, deal the cards out facing up. In the middle of the pack, three Kings, Queens, and Jacks will come out together.“As you can see they all made it to the trial, where justice was served!”

Another easy card trick to add to your repertoire of magic tricks is called; “Pick It” Here are the very simple instructions for you to follow:

    1. Put your four sevens on top of your card stack.

    2. Put the cards back into their cardboard box.

    3. Choose a volunteer from your audience.

    4. Take the cards out from your box and hand the first four to the audience member. (They should be instructed not to look at the cards.)

    5. Explain that you’re going to ask them 5 questions. They should answer with whatever pops into their head first.

    6. Ask what is: 1+1? What is 2+2? What is 4+4? What is 8+8?

    7. Then, ask for a number between 5 and 12.

    8. They won’t be expecting that and will probably answer “7”

    9. You then turn over all of the 7’s you had set up in the beginning and they will be amazed!

The more tricks your learn, easier card tricks become. Start with these two and then add others. This is a great way to pass the time and entertain your friends and family. They might seem complicated at first, but soon you’ll be doing them with no effort at all. Everyone will wonder where you got your magical powers.

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