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How to Do Card Tricks - like a professional magician!

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Card Tricks Revealed

There are some people in this world who truly believe that magic exists. Maybe it does to a certain extent! However, there are many things that seem amazing, but are really just an illusion or deception.

You can even learn these tricks yourself. If you want card tricks revealed you’ll have to find yourself some great resources and read up.

When you’re thinking of performing magic you’ll already have a head start because there are so many people who believe in the tricks.

It can even help you that there are several famous magicians in the world. People like Criss Angel have paved the way and made people very interested in illusion.

Take this chance to learn from the best and to expand on their tricks. Once you learn and have card tricks revealed you’ll be able to use your mind and imagination to come up with newer and even better tricks.

The first step is to find a reputable source for your card tricks. There are many great tricks right here at this site, but there are also books, programs and ebooks who will reveal the art of card tricks as well as other forms of magic.

Have you ever watched great magicians on TV? Well, you can learn how they perform their magic tricks. Keep in mind that it will ruin the illusion for you, but you’ll be able to wow everyone with your new skills when the secrets are revealed.

Here is one of the card tricks revealed:

Preparation: Stack the deck with the top card as the ace of spades, then two queen, then the other ace is fourth.

1.Choose someone from your audience and show them the ace of spades.
2.You’ll really be turning over three cards, but only allowing them to see one.
3.Ask them to remember the card.
4.Return the cards to the top of the deck face down.
5.Then, show them the ace of hearts and explain that that is your card. (Both of those should be face down)
6.Next, take the face down card and say that you’re going to switch cards with the audience member.
7.Poke their card and explain that you have switched the cards.
8.Post it again and say that it is back to the original spot. You will use a slight of hand to give them a queen each time you do the switch.
9.Finally, give the audience member both of the cards. They will be shocked and amazed to be holding two Queens instead of the two original cards.

As you can see, these card tricks are a lot of fun and are sure to delight and amaze. If you’re interested in card tricks revealed, you should definitely look into getting some resources to expand your knowledge.

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