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Card Shuffling Tricks

Card shuffling is essential if you want to be a magician or just want to do card tricks. It is very important to know how to do it so that you look credible in the eyes of your audience.

The effect can also look beautiful when done properly. Card shuffling tricks take it a step further and allow you to perform tricks that will fool and amaze.

One of the shuffling tricks is called “false shuffling.” You would use this if you needed to keep a card where you want it in the deck.

Split your cards into two piles and “riffle” them together. The upper half should be bigger than the lower half so that the lower will finish shuffling through before the upper half gets there. That way the cards you wanted to be left in place will not truly get shuffled.

Another of the card shuffling tricks will leave your deck completely untouched. Shuffle the cards, but make sure that only the corners are touching.

When you go to put the two halves of the deck back together you can make sure to quickly undo the corners and slide the halves back on to one another without the audience being any the wiser.

Yet another method is to do an overhand shuffle. Pull cards up and drop them back into one hand. Then, hold the deck in your left hand.

When you go to shuffle make sure that you keep the top card. If you’re turned slightly the audience will not be able to tell what you are doing!

No matter which shuffling tricks you decide to use you’ll always need to make sure that you become a master of diversion. If your routine is very dry and stale your audience will notice the tricks you are doing. It would definitely ruin things if they saw you manipulate the cards.

Thankfully, this diversion usually isn’t very hard to do. Most people expect the trick to happen after the shuffling, and not during. If your trick requires you to use shuffling in order to prepare things you’ll usually get away with it.

Card shuffling tricks are incredibly useful simply because people aren’t used to seeing them. They just expect the shuffling to look nice and will wait in anticipation for your card tricks.

Always make sure that you practice as hard as you can because you’ll definitely want to impress people when you’re doing your trick.

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