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Card magic tricks are easy to come by, you just need to look for them, here on this site or at my magic shop: Mystic Cards Magic Shop or elsewhere. The trick to becoming an actual performing magician is harder. There are so many different people getting into the arena these days, you might think it will be hard to break through and become more known. That is up to you. Here are some tips to get you started on the road to professional magicianship.

1. The very first rule of thumb is one that holds true in whatever endeavor you attempt. There is no mystery here. You definitely need to practice each step in a magic card trick, many times, before you actually go to try it in public. It is exciting conquering a new trick, but be ready with it before you rush out and show it to others - you may end up looking silly...

2. Another thing you’ll need to keep aware of is your "conversation" while performing. What you say can works as a great diversion technique. When you’re about to perform something that includes a slight of hand, use your "word tool" or patter to distract your audience, so that they don’t catch on.

3. Be aware of the space around you. To make some effects work, you need to place your attention on people in the right seating positions. There may be a time where you’ll need to do something turned slightly away. Moving toward or away from a particular member of the audience can help you to divert the attention of your audience without them noticing.

4. Never ever tell anyone how you do your card magic trick! I will repeat that it is important: Never ever tell anyone how you do your card magic trick! There has to be some air of mystery surrounding magic or the joy of the trick will be ruined for all. Also, never do the same trick twice, because then people might start to figure out your tricks.

5. Include your audience whenever possible. There is nothing that will excite an audience more, than being "included in the act." As an added bonus, it will add to the air of mystery, if you borrow things from them that are included in your card trick.

6. Add your own spin. When you start to get good, you can begin to come up with your own card tricks and variations on others. This is a great idea because then you will be offering the audience something they have never seen before!

7. Never stop learning. Always staying on top of what is new and happening, is the best way to brand yourself as the best trickster around.

These are just some of the card magic trick tips that can help you to become the best magician possible. There are many different things to keep in mind before, during, and after a performance. Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to success. And remember, keep on practicing!

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