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How to Do Card Tricks - like a professional magician!

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Amazing Card Tricks

There are some card tricks that are fairly average and there are others that will blow your mind! If you’re looking to become well known for your amazing card tricks, then you’ll definitely want to research advanced techniques and practice.

Still, don’t get the impression that just because a trick isn’t hard means that it’s not amazing. There are several tricks out there that your audience would never know come to you so easily.

One of these is called “No Hands!”

1. Have an audience member shuffle your cards for you.
2. Then, have them deal the cards out into two separate piles.
3. Ask them to lift one of the piles and to remember the card that is on the bottom.
4. Next, they should put that pile on top of the other one.
5. Finally, have your participant deal the cards out into four different piles starting from the left.
6. Show them each pile and ask if their card is in that pile.
7. Put the deck back together with their pile on top.
8. Your participant should lay the cards out and spell the word “Presto”
9. The very next card should be the one that was theirs!

Another is called “Abracadabra”

1. Deal 21 cards into three columns of 7 cards each
2. There should be 3 cards across for the first row with a card on top in the each after that.
3. Ask an audience member to think of a card that is in one of the columns, but only have them explain which column the card is in.
4. Scoop up the first column, then the column the participant’s card is in, and then the final column.
5. Deal the cards out again.
6. The person should find their card again and tell you which column it’s in.
7. Scoop up the cards in the same way you originally did.
8. Lay them out, and have the person find their card again.
9. Scoop the cards up and lay them out one final time, this time spell the word “Abracadabra.”
10. The final “A” should be their card!

While you know that the trick is just a matter of mathematics, your friend will think that your amazing card tricks are truly something spectacular.

Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different card tricks out there in the world. It can really help you to have a comprehensive resource that will guide you every step of the way and show you magic you never even knew was possible.

Once you learn all you can about amazing card tricks you’ll be considered something of a master. Being a master of illusion is definitely something to aspire to! Practice makes perfect as always.

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